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Inventive Solutions. Invaluable Care.

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With decades of experience, our clinical and billing team is composed of industry leaders and can work with you to get on service in a fast and efficient manner. We’re always looking out for your needs and will find any necessary financial assistance and guide you through the process.

Our Technology

Built on our  proprietary system, our TheraWISE platform guides our workflow and clinical decision-making process. It allows us greater insight into your care and helps close communicate gaps through our online portals and instant messaging.

TheraWISE is Superior’s proprietary case management system which dynamically supports our specialists, from coordinators to clinicians, to ensure the care for every patient is managed consistently and as timely as possible.

TheraCHECK is our custom clinical management program, which reinforces and validates each clinical element of treatment and allows us to provide personalized care based on the unique patient, drug, health plan and physician.

TheraFLOW is Superior’s analytics program powered by TheraWISE, designed to provide retrospective and real-time custom intelligence on how we and our patients are doing.



With multiple locations across the U.S. you are never out of reach. We are available 24/7 to make sure that you have the care you need when you need it.


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